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Young animals deprived of thyroxine fail to grow because of delayed bone formation. This deficiency early in life results in a type of dwarfism known as cretinism. Thyroxine also affects the nervous system. If excess thyroxine is produced, animals become nervous and restless and show markedly increased breathing rates and excess sweating. A thyroxine deficit results in slow, lazy, and lethargic animals. Maternal iodine deficiency in mammals can result in a condition known as hairlessness or woollessness in the young animal.

Erepsin contains many peptidases that are capable of converting the remaining peptides into amino acids. Proteins must be broken down before they are capable of passing into the bloodstream. In general, the absorption of protein into the bloodstream causes an allergic reaction. One exception is lactoglobulin of the colostrum, which is allowed to pass across the wall of the small intestine and into the bloodstream of the very young animal for no more than the first 3 days of its life. Lactoglobulin provides the newborn animal with protection against disease.

Functions Because of the extreme difficulty in determining the possible physiological and biochemical roles of manganese, its functions were identified only as a result of deficiency symptoms. However, it now appears that manganese is related to certain enzyme systems, namely, in blood and bone phosphatase activity, which, in turn, is related to the bone calcification process. Manganese also appears to be involved in cartilage development in that sulfate uptake of the cartilage is decreased when a deficiency of manganese exists.

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