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By B. Russell

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Bertrand Russell is worried during this booklet with the principles of data. He ways his topic via a dialogue of language, the relationships of fact to adventure and an research into how wisdom of the constitution of language is helping our knowing of the constitution of the world.

This version encompasses a new advent by means of Thomas Baldwin, Clare university, Cambridge

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This cannot be divided into “ I shall be sorry” and “ you 3° SENTENCES, SYNTAX, AND PARTS OF SPEECH will fall ill” ; it has the kind o f unity that we are demanding o f a sentence. But it has a complexity which some sentences do not have; neglecting tense, it states a relation between ‘1 am sorry” and “ you. are ill” . W e may interpret it as asserting that at any time when the second o f these sentences is true, the first is also true. Such sentences may be called “ molecular” in relation to their constituent sentences, which, in the same relation, may be called “ atomic” .

The importance o f atomic forms and their contradictories is that— as we shall see— all propositions, or at least all nonpsychological propositions justified b y observation without in­ ference are o f these forms. That is to say, i f due care is taken, all the sentences which embody empirical physical data w ill assert or deny propositions o f atomic form. A ll other physical sentences can theoretically be either proved or disproved (as the case may be), or rendered probable or improbable, b y sentences o f these forms; and we ought not to include as a datum anything capable o f logical proof or disproof b y means o f other data.

W e can distinguish proper names from other words b y the fact that a proper name can occur in every form o f atomic sentence, whereas a word which is not a proper name can only occur in an atomic sentence which has the appropriate number o f proper names. Thus “ yellow” demands one proper name, “ earlier” demands two, and “ between” demands three. Such terms are called predicates, dyadic relations, 45 AN INQUIRY INTO MEANING AND TRUTH triadic relations, etc. Sometimes, for the sake o f uniformity, predicates are called monadic relations.

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