American Appetites: A Documentary Reader by Jennifer Jensen Wallach, Lindsey R. Swindall PDF

By Jennifer Jensen Wallach, Lindsey R. Swindall

ISBN-10: 155728668X

ISBN-13: 9781557286680

Designed to attract scholars of heritage and foodies alike, American Appetites, the 1st e-book within the collage of Arkansas Press’s new meals and Foodways sequence, brings jointly compelling firsthand testimony describing the nation’s collective consuming behavior all through time. starting with local American folktales that rfile foundational nutrition behavior and finishing with modern discussions approximately tips on how to receive sufficient, healthy, and moral nutrients, this quantity unearths that the search for foodstuff has constantly been approximately greater than actual nourishment, demonstrating altering attitudes approximately matters starting from patriotism and gender to expertise and race. Readers will event vicariously starvation and satiation, culinary excitement and gustatory misery from views as diversified as these of enslaved Africans, nineteenth-century socialites, battle-weary squaddies, impoverished immigrants, and well-liked politicians. despite their prestige or the peculiarities in their ancient second, the american citizens whose tales are captured right here exhibit that U.S. heritage can't be understood except an exam of what drives and what feeds the yankee appetite.

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Nay, so great was our famine, that a Salvage we slew, and buried, the poorer sort tooke him up againe and eat him, and so did divers one another boyled and stewed with roots and herbs: And one amongst the rest did kill his wife, powdered her, and had eaten part of her before it was knowne, for which hee was executed, as hee well deserved; now whether shee was better roasted, boyled or carbonado’d, I know not, but of such a dish as powdered wife I never heard of. This was that time, which still to this day we called the starving time; it were too vile to say, and scarce to be beleeved, what we endured: but the occasion was our owne, for want of providence, industrie and government, and not the barrennesse and defect of the Countrie, as is generally supposed; for till then in three yeeres, for the numbers were landed us, we had never from England provision sufficient for six moneths, though it seemed by the bils of loading sufficient was sent us, such a glutton is the Sea, and such good fellowes the Mariners; we as little tasted of the great proportion sent us, as they of our want 34 Colonial Culinary Encounters and miseries, yet notwithstanding they ever over-swayed and ruled the businesse, though we endured all that is said, and chiefly lived on what this good Countrie naturally afforded; yet had wee beene even in Paradice it selfe with these Governours, it would not have beene much better with us; yet there was amongst us, who had they had the government as Captaine Smith appointed, but that they could not maintaine it, would surely have kept us from those extremities of miseries.

Besides this, it has the advantage of being more agreeable to the taste than the large kind. Maiz, which in France is called Turkey Corn, (and in England Indian Corn) is the natural product of this country; for upon our arrival we found it cultivated by the natives. It grows upon a stalk six, seven, and eight feet high; the ear is large, and about two inches diameter, containing sometimes seven hundred grains and upwards; and each stalk bears sometimes six or seven ears, according to the goodness of the ground.

Che che hen! ” This time his song reached the ears of the Bean Maiden. Her heart sang, when she heard the voice of Corn Plume, for she knew that he was calling her. So light of heart was Bean Maiden, that she ran like a deer up the hillside. On and on, up and over the brow of the hill she climbed, till she reached the young chieftain’s side. Then Corn Plume turned and beheld the most beautiful maiden he had ever seen. Her eyes were deep and dark, like mountain pools. Her breath was sweet as the waters of the maple.

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