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By Christine d'Abo

ISBN-10: 1605043516

ISBN-13: 9781605043517

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He took another step forward and, reaching out, tucked an errant strand of her hair behind her ear. Viola shivered, suddenly finding it very hard to breathe. They stood there, staring at each other for several seconds before Jerod stepped back, grinning, and continued his inspection. ” Is this guy for real? “Win over. I’m not going to trap him into anything. com All Bottled Up do you take me for? ” “Of course, no trap. Whatever was I thinking,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I was able to get an image of him during your conversation.

Yes, please. ” As they entered the restaurant, a short, balding maître d’ greeted them at the door. After checking their reservation, he escorted them to a secluded table in a small private area in the farthest corner of the restaurant. Viola was surprised when the people they passed stared as they walked by. It’s not like they were anything special here. Unlike at the hotel, they were dressed as formally as everyone else. Jerod pulled out her chair and Viola sat down with her back to the wall, looking out so she could see the restaurant.

She hadn’t thought about it before. Bill certainly liked to stare, but never at her. She’d never really sought out the limelight. She was more comfortable doing her thing quietly in the background. But she wasn’t about to admit that. “I’m fine with it. Love it in fact. I just thought you wouldn’t want to attract too much attention. ” The elevator chimed its arrival. The doors slid open and they entered. Jerod met her gaze in the mirror. “No one would fathom that I am what I am. ” she laughed.

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