New PDF release: Advances in Plant Glycosides, Chemistry and Biology,

By Chong-Ren Yang, Osamu Tanaka

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Hardbound. within the plant nation a number of chemical materials happen in a glycoside shape (conjugation with sugar). Glycosides are very important, secondary metabolites. The structural variety is as a result of the tremendous volume of sorts and stereochemical configurations of the sugar part. Aglycones belong to terpenoid, steroid, flavonoid, quinonoid, lignan, different easy phenolics, and isothiocyanate. besides the fact that, organic actions of glycosides are, in lots of instances, prone to the character of sugar moieties, even supposing their aglycone is the same.Since the 80s, plant glycosides were attracting an expanding quantity of curiosity from botanists and phytochemists world-wide for the next purposes: - they're tough to isolate and purify- they've got a vital organic functionality in flora and noteworthy organic actions- they seem to be a vitally important source of normal drugs, future health meals, cosmetics and f

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7. 5.. : 2. *.. ). ). 6 6 100 5 100 5 .... E. 01) 23 iii. To identify the structure requirements of oleanolic acid glycosides, we examined the inhibitory activity of various oleanolic acid glycosides (31-36, 39-42) obtained from Momordica cochinchinensis and Panaxjaponicus. As is apparent from Table 1, all oleanolic acid 3-O-momodesmosides including betavulgarosides II (2) and (4), prosapogenol (29, 30), and related glycosides (31-36) exhibited potent inhibitory R4 ~ " ~ OOH J--oO R~~OR1h Rl 28-O-deglucosyl betavulgaroside V (29) Glc oleanolic acid 3-O-glucuronide (30) H 31 H momordin Ic (32) H 33 H ~ HO R2 R3 R4 AS H COOH H H Xyl Xyl H H H H COOH CH2OH COOH CH2OH _ 0 001;0 H O00N~H OH stipuleanoside R 1 (34) H 35 H 2'-O-glucosyl momordin Ic (36) Glc Gal Ara (f) H Ara(f) COOH COOH Xyl H COOH AS' HOOC ~---0 Glc: 13-D-glucopyranosyl Xyl : [3-D-xylopyranosyl Gal: 13-D-galactopyranosyl Ara (f) : ct-L-arabinofuranosyl HOOC-~ OH R1 R2 momordin IIc (39) H Xyl H stipuleanoside R2 (40) H Gal Ara (f) chikusetsusaponin IV (41) H H Ara (f) 2'-O-glucosyl momordin IIc (42) Glc Xyl H compound O (37) OOH A HO oleanolic acid (38) .....

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