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This thesis explores complex Bayesian statistical tools for extracting key details for cosmological version choice, parameter inference and forecasting from astrophysical observations. Bayesian version choice presents a degree of ways solid types in a suite are relative to one another - yet what if the simplest version is lacking and never incorporated within the set? Bayesian Doubt is an technique which addresses this challenge and seeks to convey an absolute instead of a relative degree of the way strong a version is. Supernovae kind Ia have been the 1st astrophysical observations to point the overdue time acceleration of the Universe - this paintings provides a close Bayesian Hierarchical version to deduce the cosmological parameters (in specific darkish power) from observations of those supernovae style Ia.

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82) The above equations describe the oscillations of the photon-baryon fluid. Although they seem not to contain an explicit dependence on the dark matter distribution, the dependence on the dark matter is implicit through the dependence on the perturbations to the metric, which are in turn coupled to the perturbations in the dark matter density. 2 Cold Dark Matter Perturbations Cold dark matter accounts for some ∼ 25 % of the energy density of the universe and dominates the matter distribution; it is non-baryonic and interacts only weakly with other particles, but does interact gravitationally.

However, we also include a few brief comments on the alternative explanations for completeness. Two recent standard texts which give an excellent and comprehensive overview of dark energy are [1, 2], for review papers see for example [3–5]. M. C. 1 Dark Energy Models In dark energy models an additional energy density component is added to the total matter-energy content of the Universe. 1) where D E is the dark energy density today and w(z) is the dark energy equation of state. In this thesis we describe dark energy models with w(z) ≡ −1 as CDM or cosmological constant models; models with w(z) ≡ w where w is some fixed number as wCDM models.

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