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By Ernest W. Flick

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This publication offers greater than 800 complicated cleansing product formulations for family, commercial, and automobile purposes. All formulations are different from these in different volumes. If you need to buy the entir

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C h l o r i n e F r e e . 0 2 . 0 w e i g h t r a t i o powder w i t h 1 7 . 5 % w a t e r Rhone-Poulenc A n t a r o x BL-330 Rohm & Haas; o r use a c o m b i n a t i o n o f A c u s o l 445ND and A c u s o l 479ND ( 2 w t . % each) O r use Sodium D i c h l o r o i s o c y a n u r a t e b l e a c h ( c o n t a i n s c h l o r i n e ) a t 2 w t % . Balance w i t h s u l f a t e . 0 FMC Rhone-Poulenc A n t a r o x BL-330 Rohm & Haas; O r u s e a c o m b i n a t i o n o f A c u s o l 445ND and A c u s o l 479ND ( 2 w t .

Add c o l o r , as d e s i r e d . T o t a l Actives: d-limonene: Propylene g l y c o l methyl e t h e r : Sodium a1 k y l b e n z e n e s u l f o n a t e : Psopropanol : C12-13 l i n e a r a l c o h o l , 6 . 06 Comments a b o u t t h i s f o r m u l a : 1 . Use a l o w o d o r g r a d e o f t a l l o i l f a t t y a c i d . 2 . Add i n g r e d i e n t s i n t h e o r d e r i n d i c a t e d . 3. 93 Ingredients: Aristonate M T r i t o n X-45 T r i t o n N-101 Kerosene Comments a b o u t t h i s f o r m u l a : 1 .

M i x u n t i i homogeneous a f t e r each a d d i t i o n . SpG 2 0 / 2 0 C : 1 . 5 V i s c o s i t y : 1363 c p s ( B r o o k f i e l d LVT, PH: NOTES: * ** 12 rpm, s p i n d l e number L y t r o n 295 Mortor! i n t e r n a t i o n a l E u p e r i a n PK-771, Henkei SOURCE: Tomah P r o d u c t s , f n c . : Suggested F o r m u l a t i o n s 35 36 Advanced Cleaning Product Formulations Hand D i s h w a s h i n g L i q u i d C a r b o p o l r e s i n s c a n be used t o b u i l d r h e o l o g y i n p l a c e o f u s i n g h i g h e r s u r f a c t a n t l e v e l s .

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