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By Virginia Reed Murphy

This tragic tale of Virginia Reed?s trip west is instructed via her memoirs of the twelve-year-old woman, with supplementary debts in line with her father's letters and the diary of one other traveller. Given the delicate nature of elements of the adventure, younger readers will locate the historical past notes and explanatory reviews valuable. Maps and diverse reproductions incorporated.

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Upon hearing about the conditions at the winter camp, Reed was certain that more than one group would be needed to save the emigrants in the mountains. Reed and McCutchen then continued with their preparations. They were joined by William Eddy, who quickly proved to be too weak to make the trip, seven hired men, and Hiram Miller, Reed's old friend who had left the Donner wagon train when it took the Hastings Cutoff. Miller had reached California before Reed arrived. When the men had everything they needed, they rushed to the mouth of the Feather River, where they planned to meet the launch loaded with supplies.

Don't know the depth, maybe seven feet. December 11 Snowing a little. December 12 Continues to snow. December 13 Snows faster than on any previous day. Snow eight feet deep on the level. Stanton and Graves with several others nearly ready to cross the mountains. 39 To Stay Alive Virginia Reed Murphy On December 16, a group, since known as the “Forlorn Hope,” left camp to cross the mountains to seek relief for us and to reduce the number of people in our camp dependent upon so little food. Franklin Graves and Charles Stanton made snowshoes for the trip, and when they were finished, fifteen members of our party – Stanton, Graves, Jay Fosdick, Patrick Dolan, Lemuel Murphy, Antonio, William Eddy, William and Sarah Murphy Foster, Harriet Murphy Pike, Amanda McCutchen, Sarah Graves Fosdick, Mary Graves, plus the two Indians that Sutter sent – started for Sutter's Fort.

Mama, overcome with emotion, fell to her knees in the snow while I tried to run to meet Papa. There are no words that can describe the joy we felt when we saw him again. ” After an emotional reunion with his wife, son, and daughter, Mr. Reed bid them a tearful farewell. They continued down the mountains, and he pushed on with his party for the cabins. He was in the most dreadful state of anxiety, for members of the first rescue team had informed him that they had found the people at Donner Lake in the worst condition possible.

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