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Dodging down back-alleys in bomb-torn Beirut. Wheeling previous God and site visitors in Mombassa, Kenya. Slipping round the edges of Alzheime's illness, the Gulf struggle, and the eternity of CNN.

Set someplace among the following and the heat-death of the universe, Jim Oaten's debut assortment serves up random samples of literal and literary fact scooped up at best velocity. no matter if peeking out from the backseat of mother and Dad's motor vehicle or surveying the dirty wings of psychological wards, Accelerated Paces hurdles that uneasy terrain among artistic truth and sincere fiction. those brief tales and items forget about borders as they jaunt thorough exterior journeys and inner voyages.

This is either artistic non-fiction and artistic fiction, which follows the belief of crossing barriers and blurring borders. This assortment is an particular demonstration of ways the 2 genres interaction, of ways a non-fiction occasion can encourage a fictional piece, and, apparently adequate, the opposite as well.

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He tries to throw a punch. ” CLUNK. ” CLUNK. ” A quick emotional-state survey. “I feel that you felt annoyed when your girlfriend stuck her tongue down my throat. ” He spits out some blood. ” “That wasn’t the question …” I begin, but rough hands grab my shoulders and pull me away from him. ” I can see the exit sign rapidly approaching and I try to establish an interpersonal connection one final time as I’m dragged though a sea of half-amused faces. ” The door slams shut behind me. ” the doctor asks.

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