Agustín Rayo's Absolute Generality PDF

By Agustín Rayo

ISBN-10: 0199276439

ISBN-13: 9780199276431

Este libro reune ensayos de los más grandes especialistas en el tema de l. a. 'cuantificación common' abordado desde todas sus dimensiones. Ellos no sólo se limitan a hablar sobre el tema sino que después del análisis que realizan, presentan avesadas tesis de cara a los problemas que se sucitan.

Lo recomiendo, pues, creo que si todavía no lo es, en el futuro se convertirá en un clásico.

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Introduction 19 Williamson, T. (1998) ‘Indefinite Extensibility’, Grazer Philosophische Studien 55, 1–24. (2003) ‘Everything’, 415–65. In Hawthorne, J. and D. Zimmerman, eds. Philosophical Perspectives 17: Language and Philosophical Linguistics, Blackwell, Oxford. ¨ Zermelo, E. (1930) ‘Uber Grenzzahlen und Mengenbereiche: Neue Untersuchungen u¨ ber die Grundlagen der Mengenlehre’, Fundamenta Mathematicae 16, 29–47. 2 Relatively Unrestricted Quantification Kit Fine There are four broad grounds upon which the intelligibility of quantification over absolutely everything has been questioned—one based upon the existence of semantic indeterminacy, another on the relativity of ontology to a conceptual scheme, a third upon the necessity of sortal restriction, and the last upon the possibility of indefinite extendibility.

It might be wondered why the present account of how the domain is to be extended is not subject to a form of the objection that we previously posed against the restrictionist account. For what guarantees that we will obtain the desired extension? What is to prevent the new object from containing members besides those in the range of y? relevant sense of . Also, there would appear to be something viciously circular about specifying an interpretation in this way, since the application of within such conditions must be understood by reference to the very interpretations it is being used to specify.

For what guarantee will we have that our opponent would have regarded it as absolutely unrestricted? Clearly, what is required is a generalization of the argument. It should not be directed at this or that interpretation of the quantifier but at any interpretation whatever. Now normally there would be no difficulty in generalizing an argument of this sort. We have a particular instance of the argument; and, since nothing special is assumed about the instance, we may generalize the reasoning to an arbitrary instance and thereby infer that the conclusion generally holds.

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