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This precious publication offers chosen papers of S Chandrasekhar, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1983 and a systematic huge popular for his prolific and huge contributions to astrophysics, physics and utilized arithmetic. The reader will locate the following such a lot of Chandrasekhar's articles that resulted in significant advancements in a number of parts of physics and astrophysics. There also are articles of a well-liked and old nature, in addition to a few hitherto unpublished fabric in line with Chandrasekhar's talks at meetings. every one component of the ebook comprises annotations by means of the editor.

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672] Equation (53) is a generalization of the results known for the cases / = 2 and / = 3 (Chandrasekhar and Lebovitz 1962, eq. [3], and 1963, eq. [64]). The research reported in this paper has in part been supported by the Office of Naval Research under contract Nonr-2121(24) with the University of Chicago. APPENDIX THE FORM OF THE VARIATIONAL PRINCIPLE FOR CYLINDRICAL SYSTEMS The variational principle formulated in the paper, in the context of spherical systems, can be adapted readily to cylindrical systems in which, in the equilibrium state, the physical variables are functions only of the distance a from the axis.

1964, Ap. , 140, 1045. _ . , 141, 210. Cowling, T. , and Newing, R. A. 1949, Ap. , 109, 149. Dive, P. 1952, Bull. Sci. , 76, 38. Dumey, B. , and Roxburgh, I. W. 1967, Proc. Roy. Soc. London, A, 296, 189. Fowler, W. 1966, Ap. , 144, 180. , and Roberts, P. H. 1964a, Ap. , 140, 583. 19646, Ap. J. , 11, 95. James, R. A. 1964, Ap. , 140, 552. • . 1967 (private communication). Jeans, J. H. ; Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; reprinted 1964, Dover Publications, New York). , Mercier, C , and Pellat, R.

Equation Jo PW r* Jo iyP\drJ+~p^d;(pr)\d^ The last term on the right-hand side of equation (47) ,•-,„ i manner: ' n ,Je r «luced in the following [671] = iirG fR ~~(p^)i=iTG ["p^2^ Jo r dr Ja rJo J0 r*dr\ dr J J0 (48) dr dr V r*/ p dr dr \ riJ Inserting the result of this reduction in equation (47) and simplifying, we are left with It can be readily verified that this last equation is equivalent to the one which was first derived by Ledoux and Pekeris (cf. Ledoux and Walraven 1958, p. 465) for treating radial oscillations.

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