New PDF release: A New Concept of the Universe

By Walter Russell

ISBN-10: 1879605139

ISBN-13: 9781879605138

A short treatise at the Russell Cosmogony, with its new notion of sunshine, subject, strength, electrical energy and Magnetism. this can be a easy but whole, constant and conceivable cosmogony which wil allow destiny scientists to imagine the universe as One entire, and should open the door to the hot age of transmutation.

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31. I c be wave fieldsoccur onh wheretrue spheres 'uc ,rrr'lo|rrerl. I t\ill amplif! this fact later. ,,1 tlr,, lrl'lrtrrrrrr,'rs , ,/1rf () (t lr\ a (u rc \ rh ic h c e n t ! r||,\ rl l , ' l \ \ h ic h a rc . rt rig h t a n g le st , . r ,lr,,tlr,r t, r u rr' ho lh rr . (S c eF ig u re s1 0 6l, ' ,r r l lrlt rrrrr'rrtr rglrtrrngtes l l l. \ l5()l is three Threeisthebasicnumber 14. ". r * . "^-",'"Oiil"""a lathercnd molher'Three ]our andit isthepistonoi thewave-trougn i,, ""rhing-outbreathing.

The \{nl( ntcasureof desire is marked out from thc stnre zer() ri trrI cc in the north-southpolardirectionswhichcxtencllront lhr rcntcringzeroat 90-degreesfrom the equabriill plcneol llh ( ilsl-wcstpoles. Polarization Inrl(l\ il up to maturity at gGdegreesfrom zero planes. l)r'lnrlirriTirtl()n thcn returnsit b the zero of its birth. theywouldtoucheachother trl \r\ lxrnts (n thcircLtrved surfaces. cs rfit il lhcl bccantcsix flat plancsof zero curvature. Iickls,ir (l r()insrrlalc onc from an()ther ' I ' t , , ' rrrlxl l r r r lr rr r , r ( .

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