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Page 61 Lucky Every heart conceals a few small secrets or, if full of amplitude and plenty, large ones. I begin with a green bough, forsythia supple and yellow with flower. I end therenot because I am impoverished, but because I have it all. Page 62 I Am Assigned as Vapor You are unbridled. Out of your stallion breath I rise. Steaming breath, lush with the blood's outpouring. I rise with your milky updrafts, hoping for something before the wind disperses me. Tiresias claimed women enjoy love nine times more than men.

They filled me with hope, left me by the fire with a pencil stub and tablet to write a history of the sweetness of the world, the sweetness of the world reduced to a pile of yellow sheets. The light will curl their corners to a past. I am leaving with what I brought a sack of desperate silenceand my notes. If the gods with their heft return, wait for the cottonwoods to yellow, offer them only a trinket or the sand. Wedge this in a mullion of your window; it is a picture of me when I was young. Page 38 Regret One day you will slip into an airport, stride past the phones, jingling your change, and toss your hanging case into a cab.

Uncuring tincture of need, last pigment from the first, it leaves behind heavy bodies, luminous, and the skeletons of flowers. The stallion spills from the sky in centipede brilliance. Ring the bell, hoist the pigment of this beast, speak a language, we are afraid to understand. Page 51 Suspended Dawn Again. Black rimoblongateon jaguar skin. Silence fenced outand in. Blackness is a calligraphypunctate in its center. The cricket winches night toward day, then stops. Silence on silence is a canvas of black on black stretched on a tympanic membrane the explanation unspoken, waiting for patterns embroidered in light.

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