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A survey of the historical past of Slovak literature from the center a while to the current. The medieval, Renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, realist and sleek classes are highlighted as are contributions of writers like Hronsky, Kollar, Papanek, Rufus, Safarik, Transovshy, Tatarka and Zaborsky.

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The 1781 Decree of Tolerance went a long way toward dissipating the consequences of the Reformation by making the Protestant church equal with the Catholic church (though complete equality came only in 1790, during the rule of Leopold n). A few weeks later, Joseph ii abolished serfdom, and in 1782 he struck a blow against the Catholic church by closing some seven hundred monasteries, limiting church holidays, and organizing priestly training in so-called general seminaries. This weakening of the powers of the nobility and the church resulted in a rather ominous concentration of power in the state.

Perhaps it assisted in the secret, steady formation of a national consciousness at a time when many educated people could find very little in their literature upon which their emerging 24 A History of Slovak Literature awareness could feed. This was very different from the situation that had existed just thirty years before, when Nedozersky addressed his critical words to Slovaks. Thus, the period of the literary Renaissance bore the seed of the triumphant national revival that would bear fruit in the late eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth centuries.

This chronological account, beginning in the tenth century, ascribes the literary backwardness of Hungary to Turkish and Hapsburg oppression. DEFENCE OF THE NATION ITS LANGUAGE AND AND PAN-SLAVISM Following the few attempts (such as Bel's) to provide a justification for and defence of the Slovak nation and its language, a new genre of such apologetics sprang up, producing new and better arguments against those who tried to belittle the truth that the Slovaks had been settled on their territory long before the arrival of the Magyars and those who wanted to diminish the national aspirations of the Slovaks and of the other Slavs living in the kingdom of Hungary.

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