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By Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

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This booklet should be of specific curiosity to these inter­ested in utilized fields of biology, comparable to conservation, forestry, and wild existence. The southern twelve counties of Illinois, a complete of 4,355 sq. miles, contain the world coated during this booklet. it's a space during which either northern and southern plants specimens abound. a wide selection of plant species develop during this sector, and approximately two hundred new crops no longer previously pointed out with this region were integrated within the listings. Especially worthy to beginner botanists, the ebook is a crucial handbook in deciding on the vegetation that make up the local surroundings of this area. Seventy-seven illustrations relief in determining and knowing the plant groups.

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Crassulaceae 15. Plants not having succulent leaves; sepals 4; petals 4; stamens 6; carpels 2 65. Cruciferae 14. Petals or sepals absent 16 Page 35 16. Petals absent (sepals present) 17 17. Leaves often mealy; flowers small, greenish; styles 1 to 3 45. Chenopodiaceae 17. Leaves not mealy 18 18. Stems with swollen joints, sheathed at the nodes; stamens 2 to 9; fruit 3-angled or 2-angled when flower is 2-carpellate 44. Polygonaceae 18. Stems not swollen or sheathed at nodes 19 19. Leaves 3-nerved 20 20.

Plants with opposite or whorled leaves134. Stems woody93. Throat of flower unfringed; fruit a pepo or berry105. Throat of flower fringed; fruit a berry102. Fruit an inflated capsule; leaves biternate91. Fruit a berry; leaves palmately compound93. Plants with woody stems; aerial roots; poison to the skin87. Plants with herbaceous stems; no aerial roots75. Leaves pinnately compound, with five leaflets75. Leaves pinnately compound; plants climbing by aerial roots Campsis in 134. Leaves pinnately compound or ternate; numerous stamens; no aerial roots present Clematis in 55.

Leaves compound 2 2. Leaves trifoliolate 3 3. Stems prickly; flowers perigynous, or perigynous with free hypogynous hypanthium (Plate 2). 74. Rosaceae 3. Stems not prickly 4 4. Leaflets sessile; fruit a suborbicular samara Ptelea in 81. Rutaceae 4. Leaflets or at least the terminal one petiolulate; fruit a drupe 87. Anacardiaceae 2. Leaves pinnately compound 5 5. Leaves once-pinnately compound 6 6. Paired stipules at base of petiole 7 7. Stipules as short spines at base of petiole 8 8. Leaflets 3 to 11; flowers regular, plants polygamous or dioecious Zanthoxylum in 81.

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