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A Beginner's consultant to the Deep tradition event is an easy-to-read consultant to deep culture-the subconscious cultural programming that we frequently do not become aware of till we move in a foreign country. it truly is written for those who go back and forth, for either company and enjoyment, who are looking to transcend the superficial internationalism caused via globalization. It exhibits readers tips to get extra out in their travels and stocks anthropologist Edward Hall's conviction that turning into conscious of our subconscious cultural programming is a transcendental problem dealing with we all.

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6 Of course we can’t be experts in all these areas. But we should be able to test our understanding of deep culture against the theories and conclusions of different fields of scientific study. Despite my frequent reference to the importance of personal experience and cultural self-­awareness, I believe we shouldn’t shy away from an attempt at rigorous empirical inquiry. 30 Deep Culture as a Concept Deep Culture Learning While it has been useful for me to pursue a scientific understanding of deep culture, I admit that my interest in this topic is more personal.

Put some crumbled bits of cookie nearby. Come back later, and you will see that a line of ants has formed to carry the food back to the colony. If you try this several times, you will see that the more food that you put down, the greater the number of ants will be working at taking it back. If you block the line of ants by dropping a stone in its path, you’ll see that although at first this throws the ants into confusion, after a few minutes they form a new trail around the stone, always using the shortest route possible.

In that sense, deep culture is not only in our brains, it’s “in the air”—or in the patterns of behavior and thinking of people around us. An important element of deep culture is linguistic knowledge and the worldview that goes along with it. The associations of “wedding” that I have as an American come from a combination of the general associations of that word (a white dress, and so on) and my own personal experiences with weddings. Deep culture patterns include many other elements as well. A child growing up in a rural community in Senegal acquires a different sense of time—and therefore experiences time differently—than someone growing up in Switzerland.

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