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By Anjali Arora

"Both beauty and health are a vital part of an ideal character. This booklet is a advisor to ideal wellbeing and fitness and beauty.

It offers an in depth account of the anatomy of the outside, discusses a number of universal pores and skin difficulties like pimples and zits and gives ideas to make your dermis supple and fit. It additionally tackles different beauty and health difficulties.

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Feet Feet take the burden of your body. Always use footwear which are well-fitting and comfortable. This helps you getting support. High heels make you lean forward placing your back and bottom at an awkward angle. This in turn puts more pressure on the toes. Often this results in tingling of toes, backache, etc. The spine also gets affected. Choose your footwear carefully. You can wear fancy heels in the evening for a short duration. During the day, try to stick to something more flat. Tight socks or stockings also constrict the feet and toes.

Melanin is a brownish black pigment responsible for the colour of the skin. Dermis Below the epidermis, is the dermis. It has fibrous tissue, collagen and elastin. Dermis also contains blood vessels, nerve endings, sweat glands and hair follicles. Hair begins growth in the dermis. The blood vessels supply oxygen to the skin. Waste is removed through the lymphatic system. Nerve endings are responsible for the touch and temperature sensation. Sweat glands help control your body temperature. Dermis is also the area for the production of sebum, which is the body’s natural lubricant and moisturiser.

Chilblains are normally the result of poor blood circulation. Wear warm gloves in winter. Do not warm your hands in front of a fire when they are freezing. Just rub them together to improve your circulation. If your hands have developed cracks or blisters use a good antiseptic cream. To help blood circulation in hands perform tone up exercises daily. Clench your fists and then relax them (6 times). Spread your fingers and then close them (6 times). Rotate limp hands from the wrist clockwise and anticlockwise (6 times).

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