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By Anjali Arora

"Is rigidity affecting your life?

Understand stress

-Learn approximately tension busters

Assess your tension Levels

- enhance a pressure coping strategy

Overwhelmed by way of the demanding events in existence, such a lot people get disappointed or flustered. This impacts our way of life and personality.

Take inventory of your lifestyles now. methods to examine your rigidity degrees and the way to deal with it. This e-book discusses the entire features of counteracting rigidity and offers a plethora of strategies so you might destress.

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Mild dehydration (3-5% below body weight) goes unnoticed. It occurs while dieting, after exercise, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. It can also occur after excessive consumption of alcohol and some illness. Replenish yourself with 6- 8 glasses of water every day. This detoxifies your body and helps in coping with stress. Noise and the Media Too much of the audio or visual media leads to a habit – called the “continuous noise habit”. You need some kind of noise, (music, TV) in the background while you work or sleep.

An overworked brain finds it difficult to function. Doodle ! Relax ! Unwind ! You will find yourself coming up with a logical solution. Listen to some music, massage yourself or even have a bath or shower. Relax for a few minutes. Herbalism and a r o m a t h e r a p y would help destress. Herbal Therapy It is an ancient therapy. Some of the best known “allopathic drugs” used today have their origin in herbs. Unfortunately, a lot of their preparations in the correct proportions were not passed on to the younger generations.

May protect against heart disease. Milk, whole grains, eggs, pork B6 Boosts immune system. Relieves menopausal symptoms and relieves premenstrual syndrome. May protect against certain cancers. Whole grains, cereals, milk, vegetables, fish meat B12 Maintains nervous system. Helps in boosting memory. Increases growth and energy. Milk, eggs, fish, liver, pork, beef Zinc Helps in boosting the immune system and healing. Whole grains, eggs, meat, mushrooms Iron Boosts the immune system. Increases energy and prevents iron deficiency, anaemia Wheat, bran, fruits like apple, dates Selenium Boosts immune system, keeps skin, hair and eyes healthy, improves liver.

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