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The elevated spouse publication to the number 1 documentary movie approximately 2012! The 2012 meme has developed past any debates in regards to the relevance of the Maya lengthy count number calendar to the lives of up to date people. 2012 is set us on planet Earth at the present. December 21, 2012: will the area particularly switch ceaselessly in this date, the tip of a 5,125-year calendar final used over 1000 years in the past? definitely Hollywood would prefer you to imagine so. certainly, a not-so-small has arisen round the date, hawking every little thing from t-shirts to teleseminars. Clearing a direction among myth and fact, Alexandra Bruce surveys the total 2012 panorama, asking questions comparable to: Is the Earth wasting its Mojo? How did 2012 come to intend "The finish of Time"? Did psychedelics facilitate the Maya "Cosmovision"? may still we fear approximately Earth Crustal Displacement? What the hell is "Planet X"? Uniquely among an unlimited array of 2012 literature, this e-book positive aspects interviews with the top experts—including Graham Hancock, John significant Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and lots of others—and insightful, unique research of the extensive spectrum of opinion, debate, learn and fable concerning the so much compelling "end instances" prediction of the twenty first century.

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The Long Count calendar was created within a Mesoamerican cultural context ca. 200 BCE, in which there were very specific beliefs about the existence of cyclical World Ages. By their very definition, the beginnings and endings of human epochs or “World Ages” are accompanied by cataclysm, according to the Popol Vuh. Modern-day speculation that an apocalypse may accompany the end of the current 13-b’ak’tun cycle is largely seen as a New Age urban legend that arose in the mid-1980s, so it may come as a surprise that this idea made its first 20th century appearance in the 1966 book The Maya, written by one of the most respected Mayanist scholars in the world, Michael Coe, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Yale University, among his many other impressive positions and titles: There is a suggestion … that Armageddon would overtake the degenerate peoples of the world and all creation on the final day of the thirteenth [b ’ak ’tun].

Though initially scorned by academics, it became an influential book in anthropology and archaeo-astronomy. Hamlet’s Mill proposes that many of the stories of ancient mythology are a coded priestly language for expressing astronomical observations and knowledge. The book also proposes that the precession of the equinoxes was discovered long before the accepted date of the Greek discovery, perhaps as early as 4000 BCE. ” The authors suggest that the ancients held the belief that the rise and fall of civilizations and of human achievement were inextricably related to the precession of the equinoxes.

John Major Jenkins, On-Camera Interview in 2012: Science or Superstition THE “CALENDAR ROUND” The T’zolk’in has been in continuous use in some communities of the Guatemalan highlands since the 6th century BCE. It was and is used in conjunction with the 365-day solar calendar called the Haab’. These two calendars being based on 260 days and 365 days, respectively, were synchronized to form a cycle of 52 Haab’ years, referred to as a “Calendar Round,” which features 18,980 distinctly-named dates.

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